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Professional Training

All of our Recovery Agents are certified through the American Collectors Association training guidelines. Each agent must pass the Professional Telephone Collectors Techniques and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Training tapes and pass the subsequent Certification Test.

DCI attends monthly on-line training and teleconference training calls with ACA International for continual updating and to keep our recovery agents on top of new techniques and laws.

Our staff has Collection Supervisors and Managers available for instant feedback and answers for all of their needs.

Delmarva Collections, Inc. incorporates a state-of-the-art auto-dialer system, called CTCenter from IAT. These predictive dialer stations are monitored, managed and coached daily by our supervisors and also through a satellite PC which enables our managers to interact with both the agent and the customer simultaneously, thus creating a higher standard of collections.
We use DebtNet as our collection software, which is interfaced with the CTCenter, enabling our collectors to be on top of each account in a timely fashion.

Within minutes of receiving your placements, our interactive dialer, a voice activated dialing system, is working your accounts. The dialer works from 8 9 p.m. sevens days a week, identifying the right debtor and collecting the debt! This means better contacts and more recoveries for our clients! YOU!

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